Web-based Applications

It used to be that custom software applications were the domain of large corporations.  Not many small businesses could afford the infrastructure, nor the personell required to manage everything from the databases and hardware to the operating system and the source code itself.  But that’s not so any more !! 

Our custom web based applications can be internet enabled or designed to run on your local network, complete with backup and recovery.  We design them to be cost effective, have intuitive interfaces, and be easy to maintain so that as your business grows, so to can your web site and application. 

The internet is much more than an advertising medium or platform for ecommerce.  With the right design a web site can become a powerful, interactive tool any business or organization. 

Web Creations By Z’s design methodology is the result of over a quarter of a century experience designing and developing commercial software solutions, both large and small, in a corporate environment.  This experience has taught us that a successful company’s computing needs are as unique as the people, products, and services it offers.

We carefully plan and professionally manage our work. 

We start with a detailed analysis of your needs and goals resulting in a clear definition of your objectives. 

We offer expert advice with the goal of maximizing your investment of time, money, and resources. 

We keep development on track with status reports and continual communication.  Intermediate work products are posted for client review and feedback. 

We sweat the details.  We test and retest our systems ensuring that they handle both data and exceptions properly while behaving gracefully. 

Through it all, we always remember that this is your system, not ours... and when it’s all said and done, it has to suit your tastes and meet your objectives....  And as a result, we have a growing list of very satisfied clients.

We’ve added custom applications to our client’s web sites that manage everything from personell availability and membership lists to software licenses.  Each system designed to suit our client’s unique needs, produced within their budget, and delivered on-time as promised. 

Whether you need a customized solution to integrate into your current web site or a new site to be built from scratch, contact Web Creations By Z and see what we can do for you!. 

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